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Re: Honda v. Audi

As a daily driver my Audi has been great until I have problems.  In
6-yrs and 90K+ miles, I have had 1-bad fuel injector and 2-dead
batteries (1.5 years a piece).  These are the only items to leave me
stranded, until now.  Now I am battling a slew of problems.  The engine
is solid!  But the transmission, suspension and electrical/electronics
are failing quickly.  Add to that the frustration of no parts stocked
at the dealer (or elsewhere locally) and only one competent mechanic
(at the dealer).  So, if tomorrow my Audi dies on my 60-mile round trip
to work.  I will be car-less for several days waiting for parts. 
Meanwhile my 10-year old Nissan pick-up, has never left the driver
stranded and starts after sitting for months or after driving 1500-2000
miles a month.

I read numerous listers who have driven there Audis from 100K->200K
with few problems.  I wish I were one of them.  I truely enjoy my Audi
and wish I could see the light at the end of the tunnel.  

93 90CS 99,856 (2-more days)

--- Dave Aukerman <aukdav@wcoil.com> wrote:
> At least you all have a sense of humor.  I drove a 93 Civic Cpe from
> the 5k
> mark up to the 120k mark.  Number of major/minor repairs?  Zero. 
> Replaced
> T-belt, adjust valves, change oil.  Nothing more.  Sold it and 15k
> later the
> thermostat siezed and caused the headgasket to be replaced.  Current
> mileage
> is nearing 150k according to owner and still running perfect.
> Name an Audi pre 92 that has that record.
> That said, my 89 200tqw gives a great platform as far as
> safety/~performance/all-weather ability that few other cars will ever
> have.
> Just waiting for the time that the A4tqw becomes the car of choice.
> Dave


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