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MC in 91 90q20v?

I may have an oportunity to purchase a 91 90q20v with about 170k
for less $3500-4000.  Seems like a good deal to me, as the car
is in good shape other than needing a bomb and possibly a new rack.

Is there anything that might make it particularly difficult to put
an MC engine in this car as compared to a 10v 90q or 4000q?

How much could I sell a NA 20v motor/electronics/etc with 170-180k

Is the rack particularly expensive on the 90q20v, or is about the
same as on the other pentosin cars?  The current owner was told by
the dealer $2500 for the rack and bomb.  I think with a reman from
jorgen, a bomb from TPC, and my labor, I can do a little better :)
Shouldn't be to hard to do, if I am rebuilding the front suspension
(bushings, springs, struts, etc) anyway, right?

Comments on the value of the car?

Erik Addy

89 200tq       PP-ASEL (soon Comm-MSEL-IR)
85 4000q       SPC-4, NDANG, formerly USMCR