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Re: Ceramic coating EM's

> maybe concurrent exhaust mods necessary.

Am thinking of doing that 3-inch downpipe story, but if I do then
I guess I'd coat that as well then. So in all coat the following:
manifold, turbine housing, downpipe and connecting flange. That'd
see a fair amount of cash. :) Wastegate? No.

> Regarding the "chunking".

This is why I'm not keen on doing the DIY "cure with engine heat"

> Regarding inside v outside.  I'm with Jeff G on this one, inside only.  Doing
> the outside can trap the heat in the manifold, increasing the heat cycle
> delta of an already prone-to-cracking manifold.

How about using a heat dispersing coating on the outside then?

> As far as underhood temps.  Some baselining might be nice, remember, ceramic
> coating only moves the heat downstream.  So unless you ceramic coat all the
> way to the cat, underhood heat really hasn't been resolved, just moved.

Do the downpipe then? That can be done DIY.