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Nokian tire web site and CT dealer query


With the current talk of snow tires with the first winter in my new 95
90 sport q coming soon there are a few questions.  For all those looking
at the Hakkapeliitas here is Nokians web page
http://www.nokiantires.com/ .  I had Gilslavades on my Coupe GT and 4kq
but thought I might just try the ever list famous Hakkas.

I do a lot of winter driving in some quite remote parts of New England.
This brings me from the southern part of the region to the most northern
parts.  As you can imagine I often leave my house in rain and hit ice
than snow within a few hours.

So on with the questions

  1. which tire
  2. studs or no studs
  3. Experience with Import Tire Company of Glastonbury, CT
  4. Suggested New England sources

Thanks all,