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RE: ABS Check light after Strut Replace -Type 44

Gregory, I also just replace my front strut inserts, but I did it myself
without having to remove the struts and associated brake, ABS, CV joints
etc.... but.your mechanic probably did remove the struts, etc.  
However, I did replace a rear wheel bearing earlier this year and had to
remove the wheel speed sensor on that wheel.  It was... corroded..
seized.. stuck.. glued.. and broke taking it out.  Consequently, my ABS
disables itself all the time because it is not getting an accurate
reading from that wheel.  I would suspect that your mechanic either
damaged the wheel sensor or maybe just did not hook it up right when
putting it back together.  I would take it back to him and get him to
check it out (at no cost), just to make sure everything was put back
together right.

Otherwise, its a pretty strange coincidence.....

PS, new shocks sure make a nice difference, don't they?  
Stephane Livolsi
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>From: 	Gregory Dillon[SMTP:gdillon@jps.net]
>Sent: 	October 5, 1999 3:40 AM
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>Subject: 	ABS Check light  after Strut Replace -Type 44
>After my good, but non-audi specialist mechanic replaced my front strut
>inserts(Nice improvement), the ABS Check light has been constantly on in my
>1986 5000 CS Turbo.
>Reviewing prior posts, I suspect that wheel speed indicators are
>misadjusted, but I really don't understand the system.
>Does it make sense that the ABS problem is related to the work on the front
>inserts? Or, did I just have the bad luck that as soon as I fix one item, a
>new repair becomes necessary.