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Re: Cable clips

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From: Phil Payne <quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk>

> In message <011401bf0eb3$224befc0$955a883e@oemcomputer> "Jim Haseltine"
> > Anybody able to tell me where I can get some of those circular harness
> > (the ones that seem to be fitted every 6 inches in my Audis) in the UK -
> > common auto-electric suppliers?
> Tie-wraps?  Anywhere.  The ones that fasten to the bulkheads as well are
> Audi parts.


From: Andrew Duane USG <duane@hunch.zk3.dec.com>
> Very easily obtainable all sorts of places.
> I have one of those "handi-bundler (tm)" gizmos that will wrap
> a tie-wrap around anything of any size.... Very useful, have at
> least 10 of them on my old 100Q.

Sorry, I should have made myself clearer - its not tie-wraps that I'm after,
I've got loads of them - its the kind of horseshoe shaped clips that snap
into a hole that I want.

Jim Haseltine