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what's this 4kq worth?

Found an 85 4ksq for sale today not far from my house.  Has 293,000 on it,
guy says it runs and drives, don't know much more about it, haven't driven
it.  Looks slightly rusty at first glance, interior looks decent.  Like I
said, I don't know much about it, but would it be worth throwing $400 at it,
or can I get this car everyday for $250?  I'm thinking of using it as an
abuse car for tsd rallies and rallycrosses.

--Andrew Steere
Dover, NH
90 Audi 80q ...runs...
88 XR4Ti  FIASCO ...rusted rocker, time for the MIG...
87 XR4Ti  ...very pretty, for sale to fund...
86 XR4Ti  ...future ProRally car...