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RE: A8 Front Brakes on an 80?

I am beginning to agree with your tuner on the G60's. I've spent way too
much money trying to get the G60 setup on my car working right on the track.
I now have G60's, Pagid orange racing pads, cryogenically-treated ATE power
disks (5000 style), and a Girling dual master cylinder unit. This set up was
working great at the track until the Road America event. At Road America,
the brakes were working well. I was able to brake hard  into the turns,but
once the brakes got hot (second lap), there was a bad shudder coming through
the brake pedal (not the steering wheel), which consequently made me brake
earlier than I wanted to, particularly at the end of the long straights.  On
the street, this is hard to reproduce unless you do repeated hard braking
from speed.

So, I haven't yet found the cause of the problem, but am beginning to lose
patience with the G60 setup. At this point, I would advise to find an
alternative, and I may have to do the same too. I've heard the Wilwood
calipers are junk, so I guess some sort of Porsche/Brembo is the way to go.
In fairness, I know others have had good success with the G60's on 4000's
and UrQ's, so my problem may be due to the pad/rotor/master cylinder combo.

Gary Kaklikian
86 4kcstq
86 5kcstq

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    Ok been talking to my magical 80 tuner and he claims G60's are not worth
it at all.  He wants me to wait and get Porsche 996 setup, but that is
really expensive.  He then suggested A8 brakes as being better than G60's
and worth looking into.  Now anyone BTDT with A8 brakes on any early model
Audi?  I assume these are fairly expensive new, so maybe I will have to
located used ones.  That should be hard.  I will also check the archives
later tonight for any info.  If I can find A8 brakes relatively cheap and
confirm that it all fits I'll be selling some nice clean G60's for anyone
interested, but that is a big maybe!


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