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RE: '86 4KQ vs. "86 Honda Accord

I would have to agree.  I am one of those people who bought a 4kcsq new (in
my case an 87), still has it (190k miles), and brags about it to everyone I
know.  Sure, I have to replace little things every now and then, but who
cares.  The car is a blast to drive (in some cases I prefer it to the A4qms)
and extremely reliable.  My wife constantly bugs me to get rid of it, but I
just can't part with it.

Mark Hilbush
87 Audi 4000 quattro (190k)
98 Audi A4 quattro (16k)
99 Saab 9-5 wagon (1k)

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> As for maintenance costs and owner satisfaction quotent; I've got a
> friend with a 4KCSq (owned from new) who, despite all the niggling
> little problems - that he fixes - brags about that car to anyone who
> will listen.
> When was the last time you came across a Honda owner, who bought it new,
> still owns the car and more so loves to talk about it?