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leaky 4k trunk fixed.. hopefully

I had a niggling problem with my 4k that I noticed when I was over at
Huw's one day.  I noticed that when I opened the trunk, water dripped out
of the right side light mounted on the trunk lid.  I knew I wanted to fix
that ASAP, so I went around looking for some of that black gunk that audi
uses as a sealer.  I eventually found it at an autoparts store labeled as
3m glass sealer.  I felt kind of silly asking one of the clerks if they
had it.  All I could do was describe it as "elephant snot"....

Time will tell if I did a good job sealing everything up, but it looks to
be a pretty good seal.  While I was in there I cleaned up the painted
surface behind the light assembly and gave it a good wax coat.

Another stupid problem that popped up the same day was that my hella air
horns weren't working.  Of course this is the sort of thing that you find
out when you go to use them...  Some punk in a hopped up older vw golf
almost took off my front end as I was pulling out onto the end of a
parking lot. I didn't see him coming since he must have been going 70!!
Some people just don't deserve to drive.... 

Anyway, I troubleshooted the horn, and was a little upset that it looked
like the pump was toast.  Not wanting to cough up the cash for a new one
(hey, ALL of my $$ is going into my conversion for a while...) I took
apart the motor, put the dremel to all the rusty bits inside and Voila,
working horn :-)


Marc Swanson


87 4kcsq  awaiting turbo
87 5ktq   donor (Parting out)