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Working on a group purchase for Nokias

Hi all.  I'm fairly new to the list with the A8 (it has more problems that 
you can imagine and the AoA rep and I will be talking in 2 weeks...), and my 
S4 should be here in 2 weeks (or less- it's in Boston at the dock).
Anyhow, I'm working on my Nokia snow tire order for this year (and must get 
it in by Oct. 12th to secure my lower rates), and I was talking to my 
distributor about the new Hakka Q, etc.  He offered if I order 50 or more 
tires at once early this year, I can get some additional percentage off...
Anyhow, some Porsche customers and VW customers already are on board, so I 
thought I'd open this up to the Audi list (also going to offer it to the 
Porschelist and GTi-VR6 list as well.

I need a little help on ordering, and gathering tire prices- what sizes are 
common for you all?  I presume most are running 14" and 15" snows?  185?  
195?  205?  etc.
Basically, I want to try to save time and bandwidth by not working up the 
prices for every size they make. 

Many thanks.  I should have pricing all figured out and checked with my 
distributor by tomorrow night.

Mark Rosenkrantz