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Re: '86 4KQ vs. "86 Honda Accord

If we were comparing cars that were somehow "comparable" this exercise
would still be pointless....

On the Ford Truck (61-79) list someone dared share a *hint* of doubt at
the validity of the love and worship, I mean ownership, of those things
and generated a veritable firestorm of loyalty oaths (and offers to be
removed from that list *and* heaven)

A friend of mines 87 Civic, if driven like my coupe, would be a rather
small pile of broken parts within days.  It's dropped an engine mount,
an axle, its rearview mirror broke, it ate a few alternators while
leaking two quarts of oil a week, won't idle when cold (might be fixed
with new carb, might not be...).  the ignition switch makes poor contact
to the wire that serves both the radiator fan and the heater fan.  the
radio doesn't work.  and it just cost $350 or so in exhaust components. 
and she drives it like the old lady she dreams of growing up to be... 
Of course the car in question is well into the 100,000 mile plus range. 
In fact, it has almost as many miles on it now as my coupe had 6 years
ago when I bought it.

but, so what, it's just one example.  all anecdotal evidences including
broad owner opinion surveys are irrelevant.  Actual data about
reliability is hard to come by, especially when you try to factor in
subtleties like owner tlc and pre-symptom repairs. 

I would, however, rather replace a door handle every 100,000 miles than
a head.

maybe some rabid defense is in order as well.

I drive Audis because they handle like !race cars!, run !forever!, are
incredibly !safe! (in accidents and avoiding them), and can take being
driven !very hard! without coming apart at the seams (forgive my
fractured Spanish puncuation)

And I don't even love them.

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe

waiting 8 years til the next 160,000 miles is up so I can justify
swapping in a 2.5 l engine... or another flood, of course!