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brakes sticking


Could it not be your e-brake cables old and not releasing???  I had this
happen on a Coupe Quattro once and the brakes smoked all the time.  Was just
bad e-brake cables.

Worth a check.  I didn't know MC would do this.  If anything, my guess would
be caliper rebuild (or replacement).  The seals in the calipers may have
gone bad.  That would be my guess more than the MC, but not sure.  Just
never heard of a bad MC doing that sorta thing.  I've had a few MC's go bad
and they will definately let you know they are failing (as you are in danger
of your brakes failing), but not sticking.

Again, don't quote me on this.... but this is just my experiences (and I've
had a lot of them) with brake problems.

89 200TQ
Needs MC and new brake lines