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90 90 20 valve idle problem

I have a wandering idle problem on my 90 90 20 valve.  When the car is cold
it will start  fine and idle fine.  When the car is warm it requires a
cranking time of about 3 or 4 seconds before it will start.  When it does
start it will rev to about 2000 RPM's and then drop to about 100.  After
this it will sometimes recover and sometimes die.  Also when you come to a
stop the idle will fall to 400 to 600 RPM's and then recover to 750-800.
The severity seems to be related to temperature.  I have already tried the
ISV(cleaned and tested with 9 volt battery),  and made a search for vacuum
leaks(none).  Any idea where to look next.


All codes are fine 4444.  Don't know
if it is relevant but it has a slight hesitation when accelerating at about
3000 Rpm's.