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>One nifty feature that this head unit has is that it uses a keycard as a
>security measure.  When I leave my car, I just pop the keycard out and put
>it in my wallet.  It is better than lugging around a bulky faceplate.
>Adam Havell

I prefer and have a CD player with a removable face. Once removed, it is
(hopefully) obvious to even the most moronic car stereo thief that the
gaping hole in the front of the radio means the faceplate is OFF and the
remaining portion of the radio isn't worth stealing since it has NO value
without the faceplate.

I fear that the same moron will look at yours, break into the car, destroy
the console, and THEN discover that he can't use or sell the radio because
he doesn't have the key card. Had he known that before he broke into your
car, he wouldn't have bothered, and your car wouldn't have been damaged.

The inconvenience of popping off the faceplate in "risky" areas is a small
price to pay not to have your car trashed (BTDT) by some low-life dirtball
looking for his next drug score.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman