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Re: drain plug?

yes alexander, perfectly horizontal and easy to squeeze underneath. i can
even turn my head while under it without knocking off my glasses or wiping
the dirt off the pan with my nose :>). only difficulty with the beams is
they are oak and weigh a couple of hundred pounds...but they sure don't rock
or move. i didn't bother with side guides as i trust in my wife who guides
me on :>o. btw if anyone is looking for big beams like mine just visit any
rural area. most farmers have these tucked away somewhere. mine were from a
neighbour whose barn was derilect and about to collapse so she sold it to a
barn razer...i helped him and in return got a few beams for free. just for
interest the guy who tears apart the barns selects the finest pieces of hand
hewn oak and chestnut and sends them to a sawmill where they are turned into
fancy mouldings and sold to people in japan.

At 12:13 PM 10/6/99 -0400, you wrote:
>    Did you make a ramp that will hold the car perfectly horizontal?  I
>would love to make something or buy something that will do this so I can
>check and change my slushbox diff fluid.  The car is so low I can't get
>underneath, couldn't really before.  If I lift I can't get the level right
>because the car is tilted.  I haven't been able to locate ramps that I can
>use to get the car up and keep it straight.  Most ramps leave the car in a
>rocket upwards fashion, no good for diffs.
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