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RE: "Whacko Tacho" '85 4K-Q

If the engine seems to run OK while this is happening it is most likely to
be a problem with an electrical connection.  The tach is connected directly
to the ignition coil primary, this is where I'd start looking for a bad
connection.  Clean up the connectors with DeoxIt or elbow grease.  If this
doesn't do it, pull the instrument cluster and use a contact enhancer like
DeoxIt on the connector leads.  Look at where the Tach bolts onto the
instrument cluster's PC board for corrosion as well.  At the tach it could
be power that is intermittent as well.  If you still have a problem after
doing all this, then it is probably an intermittent in the tach itself ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> -----Original Message-----
> Well this has been a reoccurring problem but was hoping I 
> could get a final
> resolution to it, the tachometer on my 85 4kq sometimes works 
> sometimes
> doesn't other times it will just bounce up and down...  
> boing... boing....