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Re: exploding battery

> Same exploder with the 'ol Renault Fuego in a former life.  Poor
> maintenance probably did it, I'm sure.

Thats funny, I had one blow in onn of my Fuegos too. That was do 
to a nasty voltage regualtor though. Not very pleasent trying to drive 
to the local junk yard (to get the very item that stranded me 1 mile 
from the place) while inhaling the fumes of a boiling battery, and  
the smokin' vehicle electrics (car stereo & radar det. mainly) 
whenever the engine got above 2000rpm. Amaizingly enough after a 
tow to the yard and a used regulator and battery I fired up the car 
and everything still worked! BTW that entire electrical system and 
ECU are being installed into another fuego as I type, go figure.


'87 5kcstq
and too many Renaults to list....