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Tire Question...


About two, maybe three months ago I bought a pair of Dunlop tires off my
previous tires' warranty. (They're in front.) Now, it seems that I'm getting
a strong vibration and a humming noise correlating with the tire
revolutions. At first I thought they were rubbing, but that didn't make
sense because I hadn't changed anything to cause the rub. So I dropped by to
see my friend and German mech.

He drove the car and is sure that it is those Dunlops that have "hardened"
since I bought them. Obviously, a hard rubber could cause that... but why
would a Dunlop tire harden like that anyway? That doesn't seem to fit with

Anyone had any BTDT's with this or any suggestions at all??

Thanks alot,

Ryan Gemmill
85 5ksW
86 5ks (toys and noisy tires...)
91 200T
92 MB 300TE