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Urq sorting out

I think I am making progress.
I had thought if I got rid of the rich condition, it would be finished. Not 
Cold start= DC of 42 climbing to 63.2 in about a minute. After 2-3 min. goes 
to stable 49.6. All is well.
Tripping the WOT sends to 62.4, and returns to 49.6 when released. All is 
Upon driving it starts to feel sluggish, and runs random on 4 cyl. Feels like 
rich or lean condition.
Pull in garage & hook up meter = 49.6. Plugs look much better than when I 
started all this a couple of weeks ago (black soot then).
Took the pressure regulator apart last night. Cleaned it up, and renewed the 
vacuum tubing, & everything seems as it should.
I've checked all the electrical continuities, and the temp sender reads low 
when cold (1200) but goes to the spec when warm.
Put in a different O2 sensor, and everything stayed the same.
The seat of the pants test drives, have moments of crisp great running, and 
then either loads up or leans out (can't really tell). It feels really close, 
but I'm sure it won't pass state emissions test. It would appear to me that 
all components are trying to accomplish their assigned tasks, but are 
sabotaged by a, so far, undetected gremlin. I wonder if I have all the vacuum 
hoses connected to the right ports & devices. Sprayed starter fluid around 
any possible vacuum leak sites, and turned up nothing.
What are the standard settings for the throttle plate screw, and throttle 
bypass screw? Should the throttle plate be closed at idle, or held slightly 
open by the adjusting screw? These settings are not the main problem, but 
would like to get them as close as possible. TIA