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Re: Still looking for car stereo activation help! 86 5KTQ

In a message dated 10/4/99 7:56:55 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
livols1@investorsgroup.com writes:

<< I seem to have found the stereo from the twilight zone here.  Everyone
 keeps telling me that what I have, cannot be.  Here's the full scoop on
 this stereo.
 First off, I believe it came out of nothing newer than an 87 5K because
 that is the oldest that this wrecker had in the yard.  He had 7 - 5K's
 in all (none were quattro)  (Yes, yes, I live in a small town....)  
 On the front of the stereo, the only identifying words are "Audi" with
 "security protection" underneath.  On the flat top of the stereo, the
 factory sticker shows:
 Audi logo, VW logo Volkswagen Canada Inc 
 and the address in Ontario.
 Model NO. X 034 300 D
 also has serial number and chassis number.
 Another factory label has " Warning.  This radio is protected.. blah
 blah blah.. totally in-operational."  On either side of this warning is
 a hexagon (stop sign) shape and the one on the left has a blue dot
 sticker in it. (don't know if this is relevant or not)  Also, there is a
 sticker showing the pin connection for the wiring harness.  There are 4
 pins that the harness plugs into and seven wires (3 of them are doubled
 up) on the harness end.
 The sticker on the radio showing the purpose of each pin has me a bit
 confused.  It shows a minus sign (ok- ground), a plus sign (ok- power) a
 sun sign (?????) and then what I assume is an antenna symbol.  Looks
 like a capital Y with a 3rd branch pointing straight up between the V. I
 assume this one operates the power antenna when you turn the radio on. 
 I don't see any other brand names at all, anywhere on the radio.
 Still tuneless....and looking for help....
 Stephane Livolsi
 180 Yorston St
 Williams Lake, BC, V2G 3Z1
 ph 250-392-2637
 fax 250-392-2693
 '86 5KTQ stock (if you don't know what it means, you aren't in the club)

    I think instead of finding a radio from the twilight zone you have found 
a radio from Canada which can in itself explain everything.
    Sounds like it is a radio that is an accessory to make your life worse 
but we can work through this.
    The Blue dot is the symbol for the Blue dot Company also known in German 
as Blaupunkt a member of the Bosch GmbH so we now know who manufactures your 
radio.  All the other labels are just security labels sounds like the one 
with the stop sign and the warning label is one that usually goes on the 
windows of the car not the radio.  Is the harness Rectangular shaped or is 
one end actually bigger than the other similar to a T but not quite?
    You got all your signs right on the harness connections.  The sun is for 
night time illumination for the radio that wire comes from the instrument 
panel control dial.
    All Factory radios I have had to unlock were made by either Panasonic or 
Clarion so I don't know if this will work for a Blaupunkt unit but I will 
give you the procedure to unlock the radio found in 88-91 Audi 80's and 90's 
known as the Heidleburg unit and the Procedure for 1993-98 Volkswagen premium 
and deluxe radio's.  They all have one common things in the unlock procedure 
so it might help you out figur out yours.  One note on the 88-91 Heidleburg 
radios the code was set by the user and not the factory and to unlock it you 
would have to take it to a dealer and most likely get a remanufactured one. 
the factory code however was either 0000 or 1111.  Caution you only get three 
tries before the radio will lock up on you so if you try twice you better 
stop and make sure you have the correct code.

    1988-Heidleburg V radios applies to both VW and AUDI.  Push and hold both 
the AM/FM and the Scan buttons at the same time until your display goes to 
1000.  Use the number buttons on the radio 1 for the first digit 2 for the 
second digit and so on to change the digit from 0 keep pressing do not hold 
until you get to the number you need in the code sequence.  the first button 
will only add or remove the 1 from the code if your code is 0*** there is no 
number displayed in the first unit.  once you have all your numbers in you 
again hit AM/FM and SCAN together until the radio frequency comes up.  If the 
Radio Frequency does not come on you did not have the right code or did not 
do it in enough time (limit is 30 seconds I think plenty if you have the 
right code).  

Volkswagen radios from 93-early 99: To set code from SAFe mode: Press and 
hold both the SCAN and the MODE (changes mode from FM to CD or Aux to 
Cassette to AM to FM) until the 1000 appears in the display window.  Use the 
number keys 1-4 to set each digit in the sequence.  Once complete again Hold 
the SCAN and the MODE buttons until your radio station displays in window or 
safe blinks.  If SAFe just blinks when you hold MODE and SCAN your radio is 
locked and Email me if you need details on how to undo this little devil.  If 
SAFe blinks after you enter your code you have the wrong code.  Codes are 
preset at the factory and should have come with an Anti-Theft code card with 
the radio.  If you lost this you can take the radio to your dealer and get 
the code for it from them.

The similarities are there but the question is do you have the code and if 
you don't can you get it.  You may have to go to a dealer with radio in hand 
and get the code for your radio.  
    BTW BMW radios made by Blaupunkt unlock by just hitting the buttons that 
correspond to the numbers of the code, e.g., your code is 6431 you hit the 6 
button and then the 4 then 3 then 1 then the radio will beep.  If it beeps 
before you hit your last digit you start over and the three tries apply again 

Hope all goes well with your Canadian radio.


87 4000 CS quatto
85 Quantum GL5
73 Beetle
LOOKING FOR! 1987-88 VW Quantum GL5 Sedan Blue, Red, Black (don't think 
exists), White, or Silver will do please does not have to run but NO RUST or 
BODY DAMAGE! also prefer a good tranny but not needed.  Factory radio intact 
would be a very nice plus then I wouldn't have to rewire one in.