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Finally got the '85 UR-Q !!! YIPEEEE

Well I thought I would have had that '85 UR-Q last week but the owner was
off in Germany (I found out that the guy I bought it from is a famous
professional windsurfer)  So I got it today!

Driving it home was a pure joy!  When the owner bought it in Germany he took
it straight to treser and put on the front spoiler and had stiffer
suspension put in.  He had it chipped which gave the car another 60+
horsepower.  Just got new tires.  He had the stock rims, and gave me the
stock front bumper.  A different wastegate was put in and other
modifications I can't even remember.   It came to the states with no
catalytic converter so I dont need a new one (I hope) So all in added it all
up and the car is around 225 hp.

It does 0 - 60 in a little over 6 seconds I estimated.

Holy COW,  I'm in love!