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speeding tix question

i guess that i got a little carried away with my quat.  in the past 
month, i got two tickets.  i used a lawyer on the first one, and he 
advised me to take the plea.  a whole lot of help that was.  anyway, for 
the next one, i was thinking of pleading "prayer for judgement."  has 
anyone heard of this?  the way i understand it, you plead PFJ and all you 
pay is the court cost, unless you get another ticket in a period of time 
set by the judge.  the way i look at it, this could help get some of the 
lead out of my foot, as well as take care of this ticket.  i do not 
exactly have a clean record though.  any thoughts?  any lawyer/judge 
listers with comments?  thanks a lot.

-joe brown
1990 80q - cruise set at 55 now.