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RE: Monkey Lads and Audi God's visit all in the same evening lucky me ........

I now know what the part number mystery is, the "X" is for exchange and the "V" is the part number Audi first started to use when they were selling the exchange unit. Now the differnce in price between rebuilt excahnge and new is a lot, like 85 to 90 gbp unreal when I can buy a German made brand new pump from German and Swedish for 22.00 gbp. 

Still need the BTDT though.


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me ........

Hi all

The title say's it all really, got to the bottom of why my Coupe Q '85 was running cold and the heater did not work, there was no thermostat in place, only the metal surround for it with the innards removed and the housing put back on with gasket sealant ( the monkey lad part) So I fit new thermostat and re fill with fresh anti freeze, all is now  fine the car runs great. Come back from the usual drive to make sure everything is ok and what do I see some drips of anti freeze on the drive coming from the timing belt cover, looks the water pump is now on it's way ( the Audi God part) out.

I have looked at the family album for a new pump and it lists 035 121 004 A, 035 121 AX and also 035 121 004 AV does anyone know which of these pumps is  the correct one???

Also can someone give me some BTDT on replacement or the procedure, as I have not done this before on the I5 engine (lucky up until now I guess),  I will not be replacing  the belt as it's nearly new.