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Re: Quattro in gear textbook

This is easy so I guess I will give my understanding

> (a) Explain why this concept may allow greater acceleration.

  The car is capable of being propelled by a force = to four times the the
torque (traction) of the tire with the LEAST "traction"

> (b) Suppose either the center or the rear differential, or both, can be
> locked for certain road conditions. Would either or both of these
> actions provide greater traction? Why?
answer hidden in the answer above, except with the center locked, least of
fronts X2 + least of rears X2
with both least of fronts X2 + both rears

However coefficients of friction for static vs kenetic would have to be
included for the most accurate answer as a locked diff can force a tire to
spin (loose traction)(as a spinning tire will be able to transmit less
torque than one on the verge of spinning.

> (c) Suppose the center differential were of a torque-sensing
> arrangement... [Just kidding!]

Read above

> - Wallace
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Dave G