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Re: head cleaning

DeWitt Harrison wrote:
> I have an MC head which is crack free but it came off a "back east"
> car and it looks like it's seen several years service as a boat anchor.
> It is ugly on the outside. More than half the studs snapped.
> I'd like to clean it up really well for further inspection and possible
> head work.  Any suggestions?  One thought has been to "hot tank"
> it at a machine shop as a first step.  Will this harm the cam journals
> and other precision surfaces? TIA.
> DeWitt Harrison
> Boulder, CO
> 88 5kcstq
> 87 635CSi


I just had a MC head cleaned and they do not use the hot tank on
aluminum.  They sand blasted it with
plastic beads and it looks like new and the cost was $40.00 here in
Kirkland, WA.

Pat Korach