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Re: High Performance Ignition System?

There are a couple of things to consider with changing ignition
components, especially with the 20V turbo.

Firstly, the stock system is very good - comparable to some
of the aftermarket units to start with.  It's strong enough to
jump to the wrong cylinder on the 20V in some cases bending
rods and destroying engines.  We've had stories of sparks
sneaking out the boots on Magnecor wires too.  This is not
a weak system.

As Phil has pointed out so many times, just bringing the
car up to _stock_ brings significant improvements.
This is true with ignition components.  Many times those
fancy wires bring improvements because the old ones were
tired and worn out.  Going stock would have brought the
same improvements.  Read the Magnecor site's blurb.
They essentially say the same... don't expect improvements
a fresh set of stock components.

Going with a system that can generate a higher voltage isn't
going to help with the cross-firing issue when the path of
least resistance in the distributor is to the _wrong_ cylinder.
It may make things worse... not firing at all is preferable
to firing the wrong cylinder.

I'm running a one coil per cylinder system in my 5kcsq at the
moment.  I've noticed no performance or gas mileage gains.
Once proven in the 5k, this will be going in the 200 20V
to address the cross-firing issue.

One should note what the factory did with the S4 - one coil
per cylinder.  Before that, the same system for years.