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Re: Exploding Audi

This happened to my '93 90 a couple of years ago -- had the Autobahn
maintenance free battery in it.  Turned the key and it blew the top
clear off.  Fortunately this one is under the hood!

Anyway, got it towed to the dealer (under warranty), and got a
replacement.  Since my service advisor didn't seem at all suprised, I
asked him if this was normal.

"Oh yea, we had another one just like this come in last week.  No big

eek!  So far it hasn't happened again, though.  However I'm on my 4th
Autobahn battery in 6 years; the only reason I keep getting them is
because they're all under warranty when they go.  Whatever.

Levis-Fithian, Jeff E wrote:
> Last night I got into my car (95 A6), turned the key, and heard a _very_
> loud bang.  At first I thought it was the radio, since it sounded like a
> speaker pop, but louder than any I have heard before.  Upon further
> examination, I discovered that the battery under the rear seat (that my 3
> week old son was sitting on!) EXPLODED.  The plastic casing around the
> battery was cracked, the breather hose was blown off, and miscellaneous
> plastic bits were laying around the battery, along with a couple drops of
> fluid (acid?).  Has anybody ever experienced this before?  I can easily go
> purchase a new battery, but I am worried about the root cause here.  Any
> ideas?
> Also, are there any alternatives to buying a battery from a dealer for $90?
> The one from the local auto parts store ($50 Duralast) doesn't have a vent
> hole, and I am worried about fumes building up under the seat and causing an
> even bigger explosion.
> Thanks
> Jeff Fithian
> 95 A6Q 5sp with exploding battery option