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back from honouring the new trout season in the traditional fashion, and
catching up on some reading...

various items of news in the audi and general automotive world.

1) the rs4 appears to have prompted a late rethink @bmw, with the m3 being
announced only as a "concept" at frankfurt, rather than a announcement as to
the real thing.  "autocar" here reports that it is felt that the m3 will
require more mumbo to take on the rs4, as the 30kw power deficit and (more
significant) torque deficit, would affect the m3's prospects.  the m-sport
guys have apparently gone to the management board for significant changes to
the m3 prior to it's release at the geneva show in february.  there are 2
options being explored (1) using 2 light-pressure turbos on the *old* 3.2l
i6 and (2) going for a higher capacity 3.8l engine.  due to bmw's stance on
turbos, it is felt that the 3.8 route (283kw) is favoured, although the m3
will still have less torque than the rs4.

2) audi have announced their variation of the cvt in an a62.8 form.  similar
in concept to the cvt, but based around a multiple clutch as a "torque
converter", it is claimed that the new model accelerates *faster* than the
manual tranny, and consumes less petrol.  interesting.  no word on quattro
for this transmission.

3) the ttq continues to gain plaudits despite it's "fickle" on-the-limit
handling.  georg kacher in "car" has continued to call on audi to make
quattro less "safe" and more like the haldex cars.

4) an interesting titbit on the rs4.  it apparently has the largest rotors
of any production car.  at 360mm (>14") dual floating piston front and 312mm
single floating piston (>12") rear, and apparently composite, should make
for very good performance.

5) more information on the toyota/vw tie up.  apparently the lexus 400 will
be using audi/vw tdi technology, with the 3.3l v8 due for 2000.

6) the piech interview in the september 29 "autocar" is required reading.
it is great that the boss of vw is a cut nut.  i like the way he insisted on
firing up the bugatti eb18/3 at the frankfurt show.

7) in the light of the best ever september for audi in the usa, i personally
cannot recall when there has ever been more positive press for audi.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q
'88 mb 2.3-16