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Another speeding ticket question

hey all, last night i was going up a road in SF and a cop driving the 
opposite direction decided to turn around and follow me.  Just as he 
turned around, the road went up and to the right, getting me out of his 
view.  I checked my speedo, dropped down to an indicated 35 and continued 
along the road.

He then came up behind me, never pacing me within my view and then pulled 
me over.  He asked what my hurry was, i told him i didnt know what he was 
talking about and then told him that my speedo said 35 mph the whole 
time.  He said that it looked like i was doing well over 40 when i went 
by him the other way, and then as soon as he turned around, he "clocked" 
me at "over 40mph,"  This got me thinking because he was in view while 
going straight before the road turned for approximately 1 second.  There 
is no way that he could have gotten me paced in that time.

Anyway, i just said that my speedo said 35 and stuck to that, it was true.

Then came back 15 minutes later and whne i pleaded with him one more 
time, he said:  "it doesnt matter if your speedo said 35, this is a 25 
zone."  Turns out, as i thought, he was wrong and it is a 35 zone.  He 
wrote 25 on the citation, specifically saying 40+ in a 25 zone.  40+ is 
obviously not an exact number, so there was no radar, and the topography 
of the road does not lend itself well to pacing.  Then there is the fact 
that he is wrong about the speed limit.

That should get it thrown out immediately shouldnt it?

what do you all think?


Michael Sheridan Williams
San Francisco, CA
ICQ# 11740998
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