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Outfitting Suzanne ... 4000 Quattro

	Ok, this week and next is going to be HUGE for the car, but I wouldn't 
mind some advice....

	Already did the Optima battery install last week, what a bitch with all 
the corrosion, but well worth it...My new fav batt.

1.) Timing Belt & Tensioner/Water Pump - Any advice on this one?  I'm 
actually going to pay for this, because I don't want to have to have Huw 
help me.  Always seems that he does the hard stuff while I look on 
dumbly.  Any special things that I need to tell the mechanic?
Tb, wp and tensioners are all OEM straight from Deutschland...

2.) Complete Brake Job - The list I have going so far is:

- Super Blue DOT 4 Fluid
- All new (insert good brake pads) on all corners *Advice on good stopping, 
short life pads? Don't care about dust.*
- New non-DOT SS/Teflon brake lines (Blau)
- new rear cross-slotted vented rotors (ATE Power Discs already on front)

Am I forgetting anything?  Looking to do it and then forget about 
it...Until I'm going 140 kph and the lady in front of me is going 20kph...

3.) Cold Start Valve - Since it's getting cold...I figure WHY NOT?

4.) Warm Air Hose - Last time I was up north at the speaker factory, I tore 
off the warm air hose and nasty, corroded plate...Anyone have the number 
for these pieces?  I looked in the Family Album but I couldn't find 
anything...Anyone ever re-attached?  Measurements would be great, because 
I'm hoping to rebuild with pretty segmented SS hose.  And, as I'm in 
between jacks right now and my 250 lbs doesn't jam under a lowered car real 

5.) Electrical Work - After I _try_ to install my new headlight switch from 
Blau, I'm whipping out the Wurth Contact Cleaner and Dielectric Grease and 
going to town on all of my elec switches.  Oh boy, I can't wait...

	Over these next two weekends I'll be doing most of this at the castle down 
here in Boston and at the factory up in NH.  Anyone want to join me and Huw 
working this weekend/next weekend?  I'll bring the donuts....Email me if 

Brendan Barry
Quincy, Massachusetts
1987 Audi 4000 Quattro - "Suzanne"
Tornado Red, with grey cloth interior and a bitchy attitude.
H4 80w/100w
K&N Filter
F: ATE Powerdics/R: Gas-Slotted
Steel brake lines (soon)
H&R - Boge Turbo Gas
Strut Brace (soon)