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RE: An urgent Bilstein question

I love it Igor. You sent this Tue @ 11:28 AM and I received it Thur @ 5:20
PM MST. Next time leave urgent out of the subject line and I will receive it
before you send it. In my mind, email has yet to attain mission critical
I happen to know that Igor has gotten his question answered, and is probably
enjoying his new suspension already. What are your thoughts?
For everyone else's edification...
The front Bilstein sports are of a 42 mm diameter inverted shaft design.
While I haven't dissected one, I am told that the guts themselves are in
said shaft and not the shock body. Hence you get the benefit of a thicker
shaft (Oh behave) as well as a reduction in unsprung weight. And, yes
Virginia, no need for external bump stops on these particular front Bilstein
sports, they are integral to the units.
As far as your double clutch procedures, if you are remiss to send
attachments how about pasting the text into the email itself. It is still ok
to get send text to the list, right guys?
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Subject: An urgent Bilstein question

I need a very urgent advice. 
My S6 is up in the air at the dealership. They are fitting the front Eibach
and Bilstein Sports. They have just run into a problem fitting the bump
stops over the shafts of the Bilsteins coz the Bil's shaft is a much larger
DIA than the OEM Boge's.

1. Did any of you guys with Eibach/Bils run into this particular problem?
2. I heard a rumour that the Bils have an "inverted shaft design" and have
their own built-in bump stops in the bottom of the case. If that's the case,
can I forgo the installation of the OEM bump stops all together?


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