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72 VW Westfalia FS (Audi Lust as well)

sorry if this could be considered a WOB, but in addition to being a college 
student/athlete, I'm also seem to be trying out as a used car salesman. I've 
gotten my roomate lusting for an 87 5ktq avant, and therefore he must sell 
his vw westfalia.  

1972 model year
117k, engine was rebuilt 40k ago, bored out to 1800cc
professionally repainted green/white
transmission/clutch, alternator, starter, heater blower motor, have all been 
almost no rust
pop top is only thing needing work due to try rot.
It looks and drives excellent (my opinion here)
records available.
asking 5400

the car is currently located in Williamsport PA.
number here is - (607) 777 7326

I'm not sure if any other listers are into vw's as well but I know some who 
are, so I thought that I would post this here because it is a Westfalia in 
very nice condition. I'm sure as well that you all would approve of me 
getting other people to lust for an audi. maybe i should look into selling 

Help me to convert another Audi faithful...we seem to lose a few listers here 
and there to adnoh. (Jason C dont even think about it!)

Ian G

btw, is it possible that anyone could fwd this to the vw lists for me, as i 
am not subbed?