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Plastic-welding a broken Ur-Q rear valence...

Although I haven't made a final decision -- heck, I haven't even picked up 
the car yet! -- I'm thinking a V8-powered Ur-Q should have dual exhausts 
instead of a single exhaust.  As such, I've started thinking about the best 
way to accomplish this.

Part of me thinks I should run a pair of single outlet pipes through the 
stock opening in the rear valence, which will keep the car looking externally 
stock but might present some packaging difficulties; the other part of me 
thinks I'd be better off by cutting a second, matching opening on the other 
side of the valence and running the pipes through it instead.  The only real 
difficulty I foresee with this approach is finding a donor rear valence from 
which to liberate the tailpipe cut-out and plastic-welding it into place on 
the good valence.  Does anybody have any experience with plastic-welding 
these things?

Also, assuming that I decide to go this route, does anybody have a broken 
rear valence they're willing to part with cheaply?