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RE: High Performance Ignition System?


I simply read a newspaper article and since I never heard of this company 
and was wondering if anybody else had.  So please hold off on the 
assumption that I'm running out the door and dumping $400 on a coil and 
some wires with the expectation of getting a gazillion more horses and 
better fuel economy.

Besides if I was only interested in power I wouldn't own an Audi ;)


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    If power is what you are looking for, there are MANY other places to
spend $300-500 to produce proven power, which all deal with bringing more 
into and out of the engine.  This company is lying about their hp claims, 
forwarned.  In one application on some screwed up dyno, the needle _may_ 
bounced to a hp figure that indicated a 15% increase, and now they are
standing on this.
    Bosch designed an excellent ignition system for Audi and VW, stick with 
that.  Many VW drag racers are running 400hp nitro burning VW 1.8 on the
stock Bosch ignition system, including spark plugs.  Stock is very good in
this case...