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Need, for sale, other

I need a single part for a 5KQ drive shaft - one of the stamped metal dust
caps which goes on either side of the center bearing. Anyone have one of

For sale: Snow wheels, it's getting to be that time! Four 14" 4 by 108
"flying saucer" style wheels from 86 thru 89 5000, non-turbo. These wheels
are straight, clean, and have the plastic hubcaps in excellent condition.
Weight is 14 lbs each, so figure UPS from Daytona Beach. I'd like to get
$120 for the set.

Available locally - 1986 4K, automatic, 135,000 miles, bad tranny, busted
windshield, for a fat $150 or $200!, come and drag it away. Note that it
appears to have the leather sport seats with (torn) Alacantra centers
(unless I don't know what I'm looking at, which is a distinct possibility
on 4000's). Lots and lots of good parts on this car, including headlights,
window motors, switches, cassette player, has original owner's manual and
window price sticker - ready: $18,315 brand new!

Non-Audi content: Aurora. Rumored to be super-secret USAF-CIA spyplane,
Mach 8 at 150,000 feet, delta wing, fueled by liquid hydrogen, two seater.
Leaves a distinctive "string of beads" exhaust trail, so possibly some form
of pulse-jet (like the V-1, but somewhat improved). This may be an EXTERNAL
combustion engine: The underbody is shaped so that the aircraft body forms
the "piston", and the air passing underneath at Mach 8 forms the "cylinder"
- liquid hydrogen is injected into the shock wave area and ignited - the
resulting explosion drives the "piston" forward, process repeats.

Further evidence is based on recent French development of a Mach 5 air to
air missile, which could shoot down the SR-71, so something faster than the
missile was needed. Remember that the French, who are nominally our allies
(friends like that, who needs enemies?) sold their Exocet anti-ship missile
to Iraq . . . and Argentina.

Additionally, the entire SR-71 fleet was retired a few years ago, with the
military saying that anything the SR-71 could do could now be done as well
by spy satellite. Obvious nonsense - satellite orbits are well known and
predictable, so all the bad guys have to do is wait a few minutes until the
spy satellite has passed, and then continue whatever they were doing. The
military NEVER lets go of any functioning weapon system without a fight,
EXCEPT if they now have something new and MUCH better, like the rumored

Disinformation department - the name Aurora is now officially applied to a
pilotless reconnaisance drone, which looks a lot like the Martian space
ships in War of the Worlds. The "Aurora" manned aircraft officially doesn't
exist. This was done with the F-117 as well: A number out of sequence was
assigned to mislead curiosity seekers, spies, and aviation buffs. The F-117
should have been the F-23 (I think), but now there IS no "official" F-23.

Discount everything you see here by 50% for paranoia and rumor-mongering.
One person who I did speak with about Aurora told me that he could tell me
but then he'd have to kill me  . . . he was enjoying the "I've got a secret
and you don't!", but told me enough that I knew he DID know more than he
was letting on, and that Aurora MAY in fact exist, and maybe even pretty
much as described.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman