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Re: 5000s heater fuse blows

Blower motor bearings go bad and then blow the fuse, or so I'm told.  If
you look in archives of Aug. 29, 1997, there's a full review of blower
motor replacement ala Q-List (including employment of a steak knife).

Kneale Brownson

At 02:51 PM 10/8/99 -0700, Pat Korach wrote:
>My brother has a 88 5000s wagon which has 166K miles on it.  The 30amp
>fuse for the heater blows and he get
>no heat and the blower does not come on.  My feeling is that it is the
>blower motor or the relay that's the
>problem.  I know that there are some sharp Audi guys that have had this
>problem.  I would appreciate it
>if you could pass along some of your wisdom on correcting this problem. 
>Thanks alot
>Pat Korach
>Kirkland, WA