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Thanks everyone

Hey everyone, today was a great day.  When I first got on this list a
few weeks ago, I posted about the probs I was having with my car and got
a lot of advice from all over.  Well I have been following that advice
and been replacing and fixing things under the hood and today I hit the
magical 1.4 bar for the first time.  It felt good, it sounded good and
it probably looked good!  I fell in love with the car all over again.
This weekend I was going to replace the water pump and timing belt but a
lister (you know who you are) suggested to me that I change the cam and
crank oil seals while I'm at it.  This makes sense but I need to order
the seals and they won't be here til next week so it'll be the project
for next week.  This weekend I've got to get that throttle switch off
and opened up and go to town with dielectric grease on every electrical
connection I can find.  

When this puppy get's running perfectly, we'll be looking at a chip and
spring upgrade.

I'd like to toss a question out there.. What is the fastest you have
gone in your quattro?  

Stephane Livolsi
180 Yorston St
Williams Lake, BC, V2G 3Z1
ph 250-392-2637
fax 250-392-2693

'86 5KTQ stock (if you don't know what it means, you aren't in the club)