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Typical PS woes and more!

Car in question:

'89 100 2.3L AT

Problem 1:

My Pentosin resevoir goes from Max to Min in about 1200mi or 1 month.  I 
just had the car inspected and was told that I have a leaking pump and rack. 
  I knew the pump did have a small leak on one of the caps (under banjo 
fitting) but the rack (which looks like it was replaced already) looked ok 
to me.

Question 1:

Is this degree of leakage one that would prompt most to go out and replace 
the rack and PS pump?

Question 2:

I saw in the archives that someone had had 100k successful miles using a "PS 
stop-leak" product that makes the seals swell.  There were no "you idiot" 
(or any) replies to this though. Is this sort of product a cheap panacea or 
something that will just wreck something else?  This seems like a 'nothing 
to lose' situation, but I've been wrong before.

Problem B:

I was also told that my AT is leaking ATF from 2nd gear piston housing.  I 
was quoted $270US total to fix.

Question 3:
Is this AT piston seal leak something that should be left to someone with 
experience? I have rebuilt an engine before but I am no master mechanic.

Question 4:
Any BTDT on the above seal leak, does this price quote seem reasonable?

Thanks in advance, you guys have already saved me beaucoup $$


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