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Potential V8 Purchase

I would first like to observe a moment of silence for the victims and 
families involved with the train accident in London.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my query.  The general consensus was to 
check for documented repairs, and if they exist, go for it.  If they don't, 
I'm still looking (FS).  Others inquired about the location of the repair 
shop.  It is in Annapolis, MD, quite a ways from Darnestown, not too far from 
Columbia and Ellicott City, and closer still to the Eastern Shore.  I do not 
know the reputation of the shop, but when I go to look at the car a second 
time on Monday 10/11, I will look for "Monkey Lad" tracks!

As always, thank you,
Gil Bourcier
Columbia, MD USA