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RE: No Spark V8Q

HUH!,  The only referance pins on the V8 engine are on the 
flywheel/flexplate. IF they broke these pins there is no way to repair them 
short of pulling the tranny (BIG job).  If the belt timing was radically 
off then the ECU would not see the correct relationship between the hall 
sender and the crank sender and the ECU will not authorize spark or 
injection pulse.  Sounds like they screwed up the belt timing to the point 
it would not run and had to do it again.

Daniel Jones ex dealer tech
Specialized in V8q's

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<< Would replacing the timing belt have any effect on getting any spark
 did something else go bad by coincidence? >>

Rex- I had my last T belt change done in Orlando Fla at a shop which 
to high end foriegn cars. The shop was recommended by Dave Head (lister) 
had a good rep. Dave told me they had bought all the tools and were ready 
go. Long story short, the experienced tech did not do the job, but oversaw
another tech. Evidently there is a way for them to shear an engine position 
reference pin while reassembling . This will result in no spark. BTW, they
sheared this pin twice, and installed the belt 1 tooth off, before they got 
it right. They were however honest about everything and did not increase 
price from what was quoted, and threw in a Mobil one oil change . HTH
Frank Santoro
1990 V8
1998 A8