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Re: No Spark V8Q

In a message dated 10/9/99 7:56:06 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
captaudi@ma.ultranet.com writes:

<<  The only referance pins on the V8 engine are on the 
 flywheel/flexplate. IF they broke these pins there is no way to repair them 
 short of pulling the tranny (BIG job).  If the belt timing was radically 
 off then the ECU would not see the correct relationship between the hall 
 sender and the crank sender and the ECU will not authorize spark or 
 injection pulse.  Sounds like they screwed up the belt timing to the point 
 it would not run and had to do it again. >>

Hmm- Perhaps they weren't as truthful as I thought. I know they had all the 
tools cause I saw them. If it took them 3 tries with the correct tools, I 
guess it must be a difficult job eh?