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RE: 'Sudden' Exposure

Steve B writes:
>Well, yes, I assume he owns the paper...but not the rights to distribute it,
>or web-publish it.
>(Web-publish? is that a term? Well, you know what I mean...stick it up in
>the public domain)

The "distribution" hasn't stopped him before, in fact, Dave E. has freely 
"distributed" full text verbatum Haldex information in just the past couple 
weeks, and we could go to the archives and find more blatent 
distribution/webpublish violations.  Given that recent "distribution" doesn't 
bother him, then maybe we have a "web-publish" (TM - S.B.:) issue.  Since 
Jeff G has a site already dedicated to Torsen issues, and has had a "white 
paper" up on his site for quite some time, maybe it would ease Dave's mind if 
he just gave the information to Jeff, and let Jeff take the "heat".

I'm all for this issue to be settled.  Given the "challenges" to me, I'm 
smiling at the 'sudden' thought of "exposure" here.  I didn't reference the 
paper in any of *my* discussions.  Interesting, the guy that 'wants' to use 
it as 'ammunition' seems to be getting... er, gun shy?

Action:  Dave sends the paper to Jeff.  OR, let's drop the pine.

My .02

Scott Justusson