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: Typical PS woes and more!

>From: "The Stevens" <the_stevens@hotmail.com>
>Subject: Typical PS woes and more!
>Car in question:
>'89 100 2.3L AT
>Problem 1:
>My Pentosin resevoir goes from Max to Min in about 1200mi or 1 month.  I 
>just had the car inspected and was told that I have a leaking pump and rack. 
>  I knew the pump did have a small leak on one of the caps (under banjo 
>fitting) but the rack (which looks like it was replaced already) looked ok 
>to me.
>Question 1:
>Is this degree of leakage one that would prompt most to go out and replace 
>the rack and PS pump?

Step one would be to change the aluminum crush washers which seal the hoses
at the pump. They cost about 25 cents each (or so), and can only be used
ONE TIME or they will leak!

Next thing to change would be the top (pressure) hose to the rack. Take
yours off and get it rebuilt at a truck hydraulic place for about $25-30.
(If you have to drive the car, get a used hose from a junkyard - $5? - and
get IT rebuilt.) They re-use the ends and replace the rubber hose, which
often leaks slightly and you can't see where because of the sleeve over the
hose. This leaky hose will make a mess of the engine compartment, so an
unscrupulous or not very Audi savvy repair shop will think the rack is
leaking - and you just had yours changed, right?

Don't replace the pump - rebuild it - $20 in parts, three hours work from
open hood to wash hands. Rack is more work, but costs $160 to $200 from
Jorgen, rebuilt with stainless steel sleeve (the way it SHOULD have been
manufactured in the first place) and guaranteed for life.

>Question 2:
>I saw in the archives that someone had had 100k successful miles using a "PS 
>stop-leak" product that makes the seals swell.  There were no "you idiot" 
>(or any) replies to this though. Is this sort of product a cheap panacea or 
>something that will just wreck something else?  This seems like a 'nothing 
>to lose' situation, but I've been wrong before.

I'd be VERY wary about this - if it works, great. If it doesn't, how much
damage will it do to the system? Do it right and don't worry about it.
Since it is illegal to sell miracle cures for people, all the snake-oil
salesmen now sell miracle cures for cars. TINSTAAFL. (There is no such
thing as a free lunch.)

>Problem B:
>I was also told that my AT is leaking ATF from 2nd gear piston housing.  I 
>was quoted $270US total to fix.
>Question 3:
>Is this AT piston seal leak something that should be left to someone with 
>experience? I have rebuilt an engine before but I am no master mechanic.
>Question 4:
>Any BTDT on the above seal leak, does this price quote seem reasonable?

On any automatic transmission work, always get a second and a third
opinion. Parts prices vay widely, as does the skill of the mechanic. What
kind of warranty do they offer? Who provides the parts? If all it needs is
an "O" ring, is it going to be a gen-you-wine Audi "O" ring imported from
the fatherland by air express for $500, or the exact same ring out of a
metric "O" ring selection for a dollar? When monkey lads see car owners,
they think "VICTIM!" You've been warned. ;-)

Best Regards,

Mike Arman
>Thanks in advance, you guys have already saved me beaucoup $$
> Arman