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5kcstq up and running, fuel pump a success!

That was a piece of cake.

I just put the new fuel pump and filter in.  UPS guy came this 
morning, bringing me the parts.  No real problems to speak of.

The old pump had pretty clean inlet screen didn't seem like 
anything was blocked or clogged.  I did notice the screen appeared 
to have been dented by something.  The pump had a date etched 
into the side of it, of sometime in '96, so it may not be the original 

I stopped short of replacing the bomb and plugs.  Once success at 
a time, I guess.  As long as the thing can move under it's own 
power.  I may wait until later this evening to do the rest, when it's 

Does anyone have any advice or tips for changing out the bomb?  
I've looked at the new one, but I haven't seen the old one, or it's 
orientation on the car.

Thanks in advance.