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Re: Another speeding ticket question

>Good ol' internet...
>Radar does not need to be stationary to get an accurate, reliable >reading.
In MA, they have units that are aware of the police car's >speed, and take
that into account when determining the speed of >oncoming traffic. Is that
really hard to believe?

Well, Paul is correct.  Most radar units are installed into the police
crusier so that they can track the speed of other cars while they are
moving.  I've been nailed that way a few times!  They are hooked into the
car and just compesate for the speed the car is moving and display a
differential speed.

However...  they are not that reliable.  If either the speedometer isn't
calibrated correctly or the radar gun isn't calibrated right, than it can
VERY easily come up with an inacurate speed reading.

If fighting such a ticket ask to see his calibration proof.  Cops (since
they are using it for such usefull purposes) have to have them calibrated
often, and if it isn't, than it is usually deemed inadmissable in court.

>Go take some pictures of the road sign that POST 35mph.  Then >bring it to
court and make him feel stupid that he said you were in a >25 zone.

Definately do this!

>Chances are that he will NOT show up in court.

OK, This is totally not true Jason.  The cop almost ALWAYS shows up for his
court date.  There is usually maybe one day a month that the cop has to
spend in court, and they are usually there all day.  That is why you have to
wait so long if you postpone the court date.  They want to make sure you are
in there when the cop is in court next.  It would be too easy for guys like
us to weasel are way out of tickets if they weren't there, hece, they ALWAYS
show up!

The one with the most points wins, right???  ;^)