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A6 V8 delayed

I have had an A6 V8 on order since the days of the S6+, and on 
finally being told mine was in Boston, I closed with the dealer. 
Ha, silly me! Apparently all the A6 V8 and 2.7Ts are being held up 
if the have wheel mounted radio controls. These have been failing 
in Germany and a modified system has to be fitted. The dealer lent 
me a 99 A6 with which I am quite impressed after my 92 100CSQ. 
Even though I chipped it and did the throttle body the newed 5 
valve head and more low down torque is noticable. It also rides a 
lot better, and is softer than than the 17" wheeled A6 V8 that I 
tested 2 weeks ago. I have heard that Audi has a 400hp 2.7T that 
is being tested in Germany as a M5 competitor. It will not come to 
the US as Audi thinks it has its hands full with 3 new models this