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Re: Oil pressure questions

quattro2@ix.netcom.com writes:
> I recently installed an oil pressure gauge (from a 4KS) and associated sending unit (from a CGT) 
> on my 87 4KCSQ. When I start the car cold the press. pegs (5+ bar). As the car warms up the 
> pressure drops to about 2 bar at idle. However, anything over 2200 rpm and the gauge pegs back at 
> 5 bar. Is this normal?

Yes.  One thing you can do, if you so desire, is to switch to
a 10 bar gauge (with matching sender).  However, the aftermarket
10 bar gauge in VDO's Cockpit series (which is what Audi used in
the 4K/Coupe) has slightly different graphics and pointer shape
than the OEM Audi gauges...

> Should there be this much fluctuation in oil pressure over the rev range?? 


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