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Nokia group purchase details and pricing!

Hi all.  Finally got everything settled on this end to facilitate the order.  
Once again, for these prices, I must have 50 tires ordered by the 13th or 
14th. to be delivered here on the 15th, or shortly after.  Terms are prepaid, 
all prices do NOT include freight, which will be extra.  I'm near Binghamton, 
NY and you're welcome to stop by to pick up the tires.  With references, I 
would consider shipping COD cashier's or bank check, but add $7.00 per tire 
for me to "float" the money.

I've picked out some common European car sizes, but any size Nokia makes will 
be available at our discount.

Hakkapeliitta Q (new studless winter tire with twisted sipes- did extremely 
well in all of the European tests last season):
185/60r14           $68.75
195/60r14           $71.38
185/55r15           $83.88 (can use on VW VR6, retail $104.80)
195/55r15           $88.81
195/60r15           $73.35
205/50r16           $114.73
205/55r16           $106.51

Hakkapeliitta 1 (add $14.95 per tire for the Eco stud system installed)
175/70r13           $52.24
185/60r14           $68.36
185/65r14           $67.04
195/60r14           $70.79
185/55r15           $83.33 (can use on VW VR6, retail $108.82)
185/65r15           $65.39 
195/55r15           $87.88 (can use on some VW VR6, retail $114.49)
195/60r15           $73.03
195/65r15           $68.75
205/50r16           $116.00

NRW-H (all season, high-performance snows, H speed rated to 130) (note: this 
is what most of my customers run in the Northeast):
185/60HR-14     $70.82
185/55HR-15     $84.75
195/55HR-15     $88.54
195/60HR-15     $74.62
205/50HR-15     $102.47 (VW VR6)
205/55HR-16     $106.27
215/55HR-16     $113.86
225/55HR-16     $118.85
225/45HR-17     $133.54 (new Audi S4)

I can also get NRW-T (don't handle as well as NRW-H), as well as the 
Hakkapeliita 10 van and light truck tires).

Sorry for the short notice, but hopefully we can put this deal together.  I'd 
like to generate some more customers as well as get some people into Nokias 
at SUPERB prices!  For those of you who don't know, I'm an authorized 
distributor or dealer for Velocity, Neuspeed, Autotech, Tire Rack, 
Performance Products, Automotion, Windward, and currently expanding into the 
Audi aftermarket parts.  It's a side business that I do mostly for fun.  What 
am I getting out of it?  Basically expanding a potential client base, and 
free shipping for my stock winter tires.

Mark Rosenkrantz
Greene Technologies, Inc.
6241 New York Rte. 79E
Chenango Forks, NY 13746

AudiBiTurbo@aol.com or Marker510@aol.com
607-648-8881 (home, best to call here in the evenings if you have a lot of 
607-656-4166 (office, I'm the only one is sales in-house this week at our 
metal fabrication business, so if I'm semi-brief, please don't take offense.)