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VCARD files from listers

PLEASE, all listers who use "vcard"s, STOP.  These are worthless-they 
simply contain your full name and email address, information which is 
already in your email message in readily available form.

If you want to send these things to your business associates and 
such, well, then, fine...that's you're business.  But I am tired of 
having to clean out my attachments folder every month from fifty of 
these things.  They are worthless, and banned by the list policy of 
"no attachments."

Thank you,

Brett Dikeman
Network/System Administrator
Artel Software				617-451-9900x119
381 Congress Street			617-451-9916(fax)
Boston, MA 02210			brett@artelsoft.com
PGP public key available at http://blitz.artelsoft.com/pgpkey